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Another Happy buyer at The wharf


We started looking for our first house in December 2021, I had been looking online and the first house that caught my eye was 'The Teal' at the Wharf. I was instantly struck by how different it was, the amount of space and I was already imagining how I would use the rooms.

The Teal was the first house my partner and I viewed, and it turns out the only house we viewed, we fell in love with it instantly. We loved its unique design, the space and how it had been used.
We viewed it Saturday afternoon and by the Sunday morning we confirmed we would be placing a reservation.
Cut to April 2022 and we have moved in and couldn't be happier in our first house. It truly is an amazing space, so different to anything we have seen before and it already feels like home.



Another Happy buyer at The wharf

13 May 2022